Tires in Nappanee, IN

If your tires are balding or the time has come to put a new set on your car, stop into our tire shop in Nappanee, IN. We offer a complete scope of services to ensure your treads are roadworthy and your tires are in prime condition to go the distance. Plus, with extensive knowledge regarding all brands, we’re aptly qualified to provide you with peace of mind when it comes to your tires.

Brands We Offer

When buying new tires in Nappanee, IN, it’s important to go with trusted, name-brand treads that have a proven track record. Whether you need all-weather tires or are looking for performance handling options, turn to us for the right solution. We stock a full range of brand-name tires, including all of the following:

Wheel Services

When putting on new tires, it’s also important to service your wheels. Our talented team can provide your vehicle with everything from tire balancing to wheel alignments in Nappanee, IN, to help keep your wheels properly calibrated and ready to perform out on the road.

Schedule an appointment with us when you need new tires and we can perform these services, or if you notice your vehicle is out of alignment. We’ll adjust your camber, caster and toe to be in perfect alignment, for better handling, fuel economy and responsiveness while you drive.

Tire Experts

Whether you’ve got a nail in your tire, need a new set of treads or just need everything balanced and aligned, Persing Tire and Auto Service, Inc. is ready to help. Contact us at 574-773-5566 to schedule an appointment with our tire specialists today. We can advise you on the right treads and the services your wheels need to perform optimally.

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