Auto Repair Services in Nappanee, IN

Auto trouble can arise at any time. Oil changes tend to pop up every 3-5k miles, while things like belts and hoses wear thin with each passing mile. When these things come up, don’t waste time in scheduling a service appointment with Persing Tire and Auto Service, Inc. From engine service to car radiator repairs in Nappanee, IN, we’re ready to tend to your vehicle’s every need.

Auto Diagnostics

Not sure what your auto troubles are specifically? If you notice rough handling, dash lights that blink on or noises that don’t sound appropriate, bring your vehicle in for inspection. Using comprehensive OBD tools, we can read the error codes from your onboard computer to provide insight into exactly what’s ailing your car. Then, we’ll get to work fixing it!

Auto Repairs

We’re capable of providing our customers with a full scope of auto repair services, pertaining to all major systems of your vehicle. Whether you’re dealing with a pesky ‘check engine’ light or you need major transmission repairs in Nappanee, IN, we do it all. Some of our core focuses include:

Auto Maintenance

Auto maintenance is the best thing you can do for your car throughout your many years of ownership. At Persing Tire and Auto Service, Inc., we work hard to provide a full gamut of maintenance services to keep every important part of your vehicle in perfect working order. Some of our routine service options include:

oil change

  • Tune-ups:
    From fluid flushes to replacement spark plugs and more, tune ups in Nappanee, IN refresh those often-overlooked parts of your auto to ensure they’re functioning efficiently, getting you better gas mileage and better performance.
  • Oil changes:
    The simplest form of auto maintenance, oil changes in Nappanee, IN can’t be overlooked! They’re an easy way to keep your engine friction-free and pumping smoothly.
  • Brake inspections and repairs:
    Not only are we a full-service tire shop, we’re also a destination brake shop in Nappanee, IN! Let us handle pads, shoes, calipers, rotors and whatever else is needed to help you stop on a dime.

No matter how many miles are on your vehicle or what type of make and model you’re behind the wheel of, trust Persing Tire and Auto Service, Inc. to provide you with complete auto repairs and maintenance! Schedule your appointment today by calling 574-773-5566.